Northern Fence Lizard

Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus

Northern Fence Lizard Northern Fence Lizard
Female Female
Photo by Robert Rold Photography Photo by Robert Rold Photography
Description:  The Northern Fence Lizard ranges in size from 4-7 inches.  Coloration is gray or brown with darker mottling.  The scales on the back of this lizard are keeled and pointed, making the back look "spiny".  This is the only spiny lizard naturally found in Kentucky.  Males have a bright greenish or pinkish coloring on the sides and a blue area on the throat.  Females have a series of dark lines crossing the sides of the back and a yellow to red color at the base of the tail.

Habitat:  Found in dry areas in woodland or open habitats.  Often seen on split-rail fences.

Behavior:  The Northern Fence Lizard often scampers for the nearest tree when approached, staying on the opposite side of the trunk from the intruder.  One can often see the lizard up close by reaching around the trunk with a hand while standing still.  The lizard will run around to your side of the tree to escape the hand.

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