Eastern Hognose Snake

Heterodon platirhinos

Eastern Hognose Snake Eastern Hognose Snake
Juvenile Juvenile
Photo by Robert Rold Photography Photo by Eric Williams
Description:  The Eastern Hognose Snake ranges in size from 1.5-3 feet.  Coloration is variable ranging from gray to brown to black with mottling of red, gray and/or orange.  The best diagnostic feature of the hognose snake is the upturned, keeled snout.  Scales are keeled and anal plate is divided.

Habitat:  Found in a variety of habitats with sandy areas being preferable.

Behavior:  This snake has a couple of interesting behaviors.  When disturbed, the Hognose Snake will often flatten its head and neck in cobra-like fashion and hiss at the intruder.  If this fails, occasionally the snake will play dead by rolling over onto its back with mouth gaping and tongue protruding, presumably in the hope that the intruder will soon leave.  Attempts to turn the snake right-side up cause it to immediately roll onto its back again.  Hognose Snakes soon tire of this game, however, and will not usually do repeat performances.

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